Shell LiveWIRE: Programme Benefits





Programme Description

An accelerator programme that supports growth stage start-ups in underdeveloped economic sectors. These sectors have been identified as Recycling and Waste Management, Energy Solutions and Agriculture & Agri-Processing. During a 7 month period, entrepreneurs receive training and are supported to grow through access to investors, export consultation, financial awards, monthly master classes and peer to peer technical advisory groups (sector circles). Post completion of the programme, entrepreneurs can access cohort networking opportunities (cohort meet ups).


Panel Discussion

The programme will be officially rolled out at the panel discussion and feature industry experts in the priority sectors towards diversification. An estimated 120 screened attendees will form a segment of the pool of prospective applicants to the programme.


Application, Screening & Selection of Applicants

Applications will be submitted online through the programme website via Google Forms. Applications will be screened to shortlist candidates suitable for a joint panel interview. 22 successful applicants will be selected as the Shell LiveWIRE 2018 Cohort.



Programme participants will be invited to attend an introductory Orientation Evening Event, providing the opportunity to meet and greet key programme stakeholders and fellow cohort members. Participants will undergo a 4 month intensive training programme consisting of 15 workshops designed to provide technical focus in priority sector areas, business development, self-development (that is development of the entrepreneur) and managing resources. The training programme will move the entrepreneur from knowledge to application of key learnings to grow their business.


Demo & Pitch Day

This will feature participants presenting their companies to a specially selected group of potential investors (local investors and Green Tech US based investors) and key stakeholders. Participants will also exhibit their respective products and services at demo booths set up as the event. The Best Pitch Prizes will be awarded to the winner ($35,000 TTD) and runner up ($20,000 TTD).


Monthly Master Class

Local entrepreneurs who exhibit iconic status and industry expertise will be invited to host monthly master classes where experiences, insights and skills will be shared with programme participants. 4 monthly master classes will be held. These sessions seek to motivate entrepreneurs by bringing the experiences of successful entrepreneurs into the classroom.


Meeting with Export Consultant

Classroom delivery of the factors involved in Exporting for the first time will be enhanced through the offering of individualized 2 hour, one on one consultations with an export consultant. 10 participants who exhibit an interest in exporting their product or service will access 3 sessions each with the export consultant towards the goal of exporting into foreign markets.


Sector Circle

Peer to peer technical advisory support will be provided through a monthly sector circle which groups participants based on their business sector area. This group based support will feature a mixed delivery of in person facilitated sessions and webinars by industry leaders and international Shell LiveWIRE programme alumni. Participants will learn from each other and discuss challenges, best practices and insights into their businesses which can improve the sector.


Graduation and Awards Day

This will conclude the core programme of activities and support. Graduates will be recognized for achievements as described below:-

  • 3 Spark Prizes (class attendance, participation and class vote) of $10,000 TTD
  • 1 Export Ready Award ($30,000 TTD) towards the graduate whose business is the nearest towards exporting)
  • 1 Innovation in Marketing Award ($30,000 TTD) towards the graduate whose business has designed an innovative marketing strategy)

Awards are meant to help provide the financial support needed towards achieving the programme goals and motivate participants towards completion of the programme.


Investor Dives One on One Meeting

One on One meetings with a potential investor will be held in quarter 1 of 2019.


Cohort Meet Ups

3 networking sessions will be held in Quarts 2-4 of 2019 to allow the graduating cohort to meet and share on their progress and challenges in an informal setting.


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