Expressions of change and adjustment can be felt in almost every business sector with many searching for answers to some burning questions – “How Do I stay relevant?” Should I reconfigure my business model or transition into a new sector?”  Whichever question fits your circumstances, the pivotal message remains a renewed paradigm shift to what existed previously.

The creative industries have been hard hit with a profound absence of any type of physicality which is a natural aspect  in the delivery of creative artefacts; with stringent Covid-19 protocols on the de-operationalizing of theatres, art galleries and other related activities, creative minds dived into immediate overdrive.

Ecosystems globally have been connecting relentlessly to support the creative industries along with the supply chains that keep them glued together. The discourse on this critical sector understandably focuses on the negative side, seemingly ignoring the fact that crises are known to present a whole host of opportunities some of which evolve into new beginnings, and a spiral in collaboration and innovative dialogue.

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