Pay it Forward… Become a Mentor for a Young Entrepreneur! 

Mentoring is a practical approach to helping entrepreneurs develop their own abilities and insights as they start and grow their business. By volunteering a few hours of your time each month, you can make a profound difference in a young person’s life. Mentorship is not only beneficial to the mentee, it is also a very rewarding experience for the mentor.

Some benefits of becoming a mentor through YBTT Mentorship Programme include:

  • Satisfaction knowing that you are helping someone to achieve their professional goals.
  • Affirmation of professional competence.
  • Opportunity to build your leadership and management skills.
  • Opportunity to give back to your industry.
  • Opportunity to build an enduring career network.
  • Gain insights and different perspectives from future members of your profession.
  • Benefit from YBTT’s training sessions and resources for mentors.
  • Become part of a dynamic network of YBTT mentors and gain access to business club meetings and other social events.

If you are considering becoming a mentor, here are some helpful tips:

  1. Be a positive role model:

Good mentors are respected by their mentees. A mentee can learn a lot from their mentor simply by watching how their mentor behaves in any particular situation. Good mentors will also look out for experiences, or even create situations in which their mentees can become involved to learn new things.

  1. Share your experiences and insights: 

Choose stories and experiences that you feel are appropriate and helpful, but do so in a neutral way.  Be open to sharing your mistakes and failures too, as these are often where our biggest lessons are learned. It will also help your mentee be aware that challenges will arise, and the way you dealt with the situation might also help them gain insight about how to build resilience.

  1. Provide a fresh perspective: 

A good mentor will often provide their mentee with a fresh perspective on an issue. A good mentor will often have the clarity of distance from an issue or problem that’s needed to provide objective feedback to their mentee.

  1. Provide helpful feedback and acknowledge achievements: 

Not all feedback is helpful. A good mentor knows this and will deliver feedback in a way that will help their mentee gain insight to further develop specific qualities or skills.  Always ask for permission to give feedback before doing so. Ask your mentee questions and empower them to work through their issues so they can learn to trust their own judgement.  Additionally, help build your mentee’s confidence by celebrating and acknowledging their achievements.

  1. Have fun: 

Being a mentor is an exhilarating experience.  Mentors often learn a great deal about themselves through the course of a mentorship relationship.  Remember to make the experience a fun and engaging one for the mentee and for yourself!

Want to become a mentor?  Give us a call at 665-8621 or email us at for more information.  Stay tuned for more helpful tips and resources on our Mentorship Programme!