Describing her success into the second cohort of the Shell LiveWIRE program as a life-changing experience, Shauna Grant affirmed “the program made me re-think many things that I’d taken for granted; it’s helping me to streamline my business and I’ve realized that running a business is a team sport.” Shauna added that the various elements of the program have been expanding her thought processes and have also contributed to her success in securing a retailer, as well as enhanced her ability to work with industry professionals.

Sharing the experience that led to the establishment of her business “I’ve always been interested in health foods; my Mom began experiencing the onset of arthritis symptoms and I decided to conduct research to understand the cause, and found gluten-free food was a solution to reducing inflammatory conditions like arthritis.” Established in April 2018, the Flour Bag Baking Company offered gluten-free bread, banana bread, sweet and savoury muffins, donuts, cupcakes and brownies; but knowledge is constant and Shauna was determined to increase her knowledge bank.

As she puts it “I decided to temporarily halt the business for one (1) year to enhance my skillsets in baking as well as gain a better understanding of new methodologies to rise to perfection.” Standing at Shauna’s side as business partner and Company Director is her Mom – Sharlene Lewis who chronicled the journey as an exciting one and in particular, the versatility of the product offerings… “Within the next two years I’d like to see our products throughout Trinidad and Tobago and the Caribbean which means more work in terms of marketing and educating people about the benefits of the products.” The duo is also aspiring to own a manufacturing facility fully equipped to respond to increased demand.

Overcoming Covid-19:
The untimely visit of Covid-19 spun things differently for Shauna as she experienced difficulty with supermarkets refusing to accept new products. In true entrepreneurial style Shauna and her team quickly took some calculated risks. “We introduced the ‘Better Batter Bundle’ which persons can customize by choosing any combination of our two mixes plus one jar of honey infused with either cinnamon or lavender” which Shauna claims is perfect for pancakes! Also making this happen is  her partnership with a honey producer from Blanchisseusse who willingly rose to the occasion. Shauna also offered deepest appreciation to her YBTT mentor, Tamara Mon Louis who has been assisting her in charting a broader vision to transition her business to the next level.