Conec's managing director, Jennifer Gibbons-Joseph

Conec’s managing director, Jennifer Gibbons-Joseph

Money is considered to be the most pivotal element for women who manage their own businesses, hence for Global Entrepreneurship Week 2015, there would be a special focus on female entrepreneurs and the various methods of approach used in managing their business finances. Conec Professional Coaching Services, an active GEW partner for the past five (5) years, will be facilitating “After Budget – Money Management”, a workshop aimed at assisting female entrepreneurs to review their operating costs and expenditure as a result of the 2015/2016 budget presentation.

According to Conec’s Managing Director, Jennifer Gibbons-Joseph, “a common mistake made by entrepreneurs is the handling of income and expenditure.” She added “there is also the problem of over-spending, not keeping proper records, and using one account for both businesses expenses and personal/family needs.” Specific areas which would be covered at the workshop include budgeting, asset protection and allocation of funds.

At the end of the workshop, female entrepreneurs would be better able to manage their earnings, and design a post-budget plan to run a profitable business to assist in achieving their objectives. Participants would also gain a better insight into broadening their funding horizons and networking capacity.

Gibbons-Joseph is a Certified Professional Life and Financial Coach and a YBTT facilitator in the areas of Financial Management and Analysis of Your Business Model. For more information on this workshop visit Conec’s Facebook Page at or email  


By: Sandrine Rattan

Project Co-ordinator – Stakeholder & Media Relations (YBTT)


Published in the Trinidad and Tobago Newsday on Thursday, October 29th, 2015