Lucky Pinder, Co-founder, Wearfit Community

Lucky Pinder boasts of her association with a business that offers a holistic suite of wellness services relating to fitness and nutrition. According to Lucky “WearFit is a support group that focuses on utilizing exercise, healthy eating, physical activity and education to improve personal health.”

Established in December 2017 with two (2) locations in Mayaro and Arima, Wearfit is destined to improve health, increase self-confidence and reduce anxiety, depression and stress. “I saw the need for persons especially women to get the support to work-out in an enjoyable way and at the same time maintain a positive mindset” said Lucky.

Despite the success that the business was enjoying, Lucky felt the need to seek out additional support, and YBTT’s Mentorship Program answered her call. As she puts it “I needed a safe forum where I am able to share and exchange and overcome my challenges in the process.” She also showered praises  on her Mentor, Emile Ackbarali who helped her put things into a better perspective particularly goal-setting. “I also learnt techniques in marketing and was able to understand the difference between marketing and advertising in relation to my business.”

Lucky lauds YBTT’s recently introduced Group Mentorship initiative as timely; she admits that one of the greatest benefits is being able to learn by listening to other entrepreneurs and feed off of the positive energies that circulate within the space. For her, the initiative offers much more communication and insights than the traditional one-and-one relationship.

Lucky advises all young entrepreneurs to seek mentorship as it enhances personal growth and decreases your chances of repeating mistakes; it is an awesome opportunity to obtain learnings and knowledge from someone with more experience.