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YBTT’s core function is to assist young persons within the age group of 18-35, who would not otherwise have the opportunity to fulfil their ambition and contribute to the community, through the medium of self-employment and development of their self-confidence. Support is provided in three (3) main areas:


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YBTT has assisted my company most profoundly through the support of a business mentor and training programs which allowed me to make some strategic partners…” – Andrew Julien, Blue Earth Recycling Technology



YBTT recognizes the importance of training as a pre-requisite for successful entrepreneurship, and it is against this background, that the organization facilitates training for young entrepreneurs (both existing and prospective) in core areas such as Life Skills; Marketing; Business Plan Development and Financial Planning.

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“YBTT assisted me with the financing and training necessary to jump start my business.”Krs Joseph, Bunngle Digital Services


Loan Financing

Loans of up to $30,000 are granted for both start-ups and existing businesses at a rate of nine percent (9%) on the reducing balance and without the use of collateral. Loans are not granted for Bars, Gambling facilities, Retail Businesses, Internet Cafés, DVD Stores, Mini Marts and Vehicles.


“My YBTT mentor helped me to maintain focus on what I was doing and helped me understand how far I can go.” – Francisca Brown – Mata, Francisca’s Delights




YBTT’s Mentorship Programme is designed to provide young entrepreneurs with the guidance and support needed to cope with the challenges that they might encounter in the management of their businesses from time to time. We have an ongoing recruitment drive, targeted at experienced business persons from the private and public sectors. These mentors become part of YBTT’s mentorship network, and participate in mentor training workshops.

 Lending Guidelines

Applicants must be between the ages of 18-35. At the date of application, applicants should not have reached their 36th birthday.

Applicants must be citizens of Trinidad and Tobago. Citizenship must be proven by a valid TT Identification Card or Passport.

If statutory requirements are necessary for the business proposed (e.g.County Medical Office of Health (CMOH) or Food and Drug Approval, etc.) these must be obtained.

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