With a changing trajectory compounded by evolving strategies, the food and beverage industry is set to unearth some of the most amazing modifications. Whilst many stakeholders along the food supply chain were literally brought to their knees by the Covid-19 pandemic, the food and beverage industry immediately went into re-imagine overdrive to salvage its sustainability, not forgetting the sanitation and health protocols that govern survival.

Re-imagine is the buzz on how technology can enable delivery, value chains, value proposition , loyalty and value for money; a re-imagined philosophy, better equips businesses to provide employment opportunities to persons who are currently out of work, re-shape the industry’s ecosystem, and also work closely with business partners in transitioning towards a renewed paradigm shift.

Reliable supply chains must now embrace technology particularly in warehousing and transportation with the aim of reducing the burden on labor and overheads. E-Commerce is another important tenet that can accelerate investments creating a seamless online to offline experience that proactively shifts spending to a model that engenders a better customer experience. Even as stakeholders address the short-term challenges, time must be spent in re-thinking businesses to become more efficient, less exposed to shocks and of course remain relevant.

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