The lens of the corporate community became stronger amidst the Covid-19 pandemic as the significance of the entrepreneurial community has begun to bear greater fruit, with world leaders seeking to develop strategies infused with the broadest levels of resilience and risk mitigation.

It’s no doubt that the cries of MSMEs are becoming louder as Covid-19 is yet to fully make its departure from mother earth; in the meantime entrepreneurs are attempting to regroup, restore or re-model what was once known to them as a business. All is not lost as regional and international bodies such as the International Monetary Fund, World Bank, European Union and the Caribbean Development Bank have been responding to those cries through various types of support.

Along the European continent, the International Trade Centre has developed a fifteen-point action plan for MSMEs, business support organizations and governments; the plan supports internationally-minded MSMEs through this crisis and allows them to be at the forefront of generating resilience, inclusiveness, sustainability and growth in the future. As a leader in youth entrepreneurship in Trinidad and Tobago, Youth Business Trinidad and Tobago (YBTT) is extremely thankful to the corporate community for sharing in its vision to support both start-ups and existing entrepreneurs within the 18-35 catchment at multiple levels. Standing at YBTT’s side to ensure that its goals are achieved successfully are Shell Trinidad  & Tobago Limited, Republic Bank, Caribbean Development Bank, First Caribbean International Bank, TSTT B-Mobile, Unit Trust Corporation, Massy Foundation and Bankers’ Association of Trinidad and Tobago. With continued support from these stakeholders, YBTT has been able to fulfil the demands of its publics….and in particular young entrepreneurs who need sustainable shoulders to lean on at this time.  Re-building of economies must begin with a well-structured and viable pillar which is entrepreneurship.