At this time the global entrepreneurial community is working round-the-clock to step up their game ensuring that their relevance remains on par with the “new’sual” or what is commonly known as the new normal; every sector has started evolving quite differently from their founding pillars.

Current unprecedented shocks have triggered outcomes impelling diverse types of institutions and/or businesses to re-think their modes of operations and even their business strategies. Well-established business beliefs related to supply chains and communications along with other areas have been fatigued by the global disruption.

With the dissipation of the pandemic, inclusive and candid conversations around re-configuration of the entrepreneurial ecosystem have begun globally as cross-cutting methodologies and seamless networking opportunities become the order of the day.

Virgin Atlantic’s Managing Director, Andy Fishburn has three (3) compelling pieces of advice to help young entrepreneurs stay ahead of their game – think lean, keep it simple, prioritize what’s important and focus on products and services with minimum outlay; add value – people expect more from businesses than ever before – think about how you can give back, and finally keep telling your story – share your journey with your community ensuring that your communication is really honest and personal.
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