The loudest noises usually heard from entrepreneurial camps mostly relate to financial woes of one kind or another; more recently a number of young entrepreneurs have been struggling to manage their finances in the midst of a challenged business environment. Some have even admitted to continuously mixing up their personal cash with their business finances which negatively impacts their bottom line.

Coupled with  noises for help,  the pandemic with its unique and  unnecessary burdens all flanked by a pressured marketing space, it’s advisable to connect with Youth Business Trinidad and Tobago (YBTT) to seek out a Mentor to begin creating a renewed game plan!

Your GP may include fundamentals such as financial goals (short, medium and long-term); developing a budget is also critical as you’d need to factor in your expenses (rent, food, utilities, entertainment) among others. You may be encouraged to develop a risk profile for your business which can lead to exploring investments! Discussions with your mentor could potentially point towards succession planning which is necessary for the sustainability of your business.

Don’t wait – connect with YBTT  today to change your game!