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Youth Business Trinidad and Tobago (YBTT) provides assistance in the form of a small business loan (up to $30,000.00) to persons who are within the ages of 18-35 to assist with starting or expanding their own business. A completed business plan along with a cash flow statement is the main evaluation tool used by YBTT to either approve or decline a loan application.



Here’s what you need to know:


Step One: Expression of Interest

Complete our application form here: Expression of Interest Form


Step Two: Submission of Business Plan

To be applicable for review, you must submit your business plan by March 15th, 2017. You can download YBTT’s Business Plan and Cashflow templates here. YBTT also offers support for entrepreneurs in completing their business plan, give us a call at 665-8621 or email us at


Step Three: Loan Panel

Once business plans are reviewed and approved by YBTT team members, all approved applicants must attend a loan panel. Entrepreneurs would be required to give a 10-15 minute presentation on their business idea/concept in front a panel of YBTT Directors. The loan panel is scheduled for the week of April 10th – 14, 2017.


Step Four: Training

Once your loan is approved, entrepreneurs are required to attend a 3-day workshop during the week of April 24th – 28th, 2017. As YBTT is a support organisation, attendance to these workshops is mandatory prior to disbursement to a loan.


Step Five: Loan Disbursements and Mentorship

After completing training, entrepreneurs are required to bring updated invoices, if necessary. A mentor is assigned to the entrepreneur to support them along their entrepreneurial journey.


For any questions, please contact YBTT at 665-8621 or email us at

Frequently Asked Questions


Q. What documents do I need to present to YBTT

A.  The following is a list of other documents you may need to provide to YBTT. It is to be noted that some of these are based on the type of business. Feel free to call us for more information. These documents can be submitted after submitting your business plan.

  1. A copy of either your ID card or Passport.
  2. Copy of rental agreement if premises are being rented or if permission is being granted for the usage of the property then a consent letter from the owner must be acquired along with proof of ownership (a copy of the deed or a copy of the land tax receipt).
  3. Pro-forma invoices from local suppliers for which funding is being requested. (Equipment or stock)
  4. Letter of Approval from the Country Medical Office of Health (CMOH). ( Food and beverage businesses)
  5. Copy of Food Badge. ( Food and beverage businesses)
  6. Any official certification received in the field being pursued.


Q. How do I repay my loan, and what is the maximum repayment period?

A. Loan repayment is on a monthly basis and the specific repayment amount depends on the loan size. A maximum repayment period of 48 months can be obtained and a moratorium period of up to six months can be applied. Check out our loan calculator.


Q. What businesses are not applicable for funding?

A. YBTT considers most businesses for funding with the exception of bars, gambling enterprises, Internet Cafés, DVD Stores, Mini Marts, Vehicles and Retail Businesses.