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Blue Earth recycling Technology goal is to create a conscious awareness about the environment through the form of a eco-friendly revolution. The revolution is getting people to to sort there trash ,its going to start with children beginning in schools.then expand to the private and public sectors .its about creating a habit of being environmentally clean through recycling…Our services iinclude collection of waste materials sorting and distribution to other companies for further processing. i.e we collect glass bottles ,aluminum ,copper and get it to other companies for further processing .

My journey to becoming an entrepreneur is one of taking risks ,forming associations with different people ,also one of self development.this journey is one of building character and confidence.

Y.B.TT. has assisted me/ my company most profoundly through the support of a business mentor and training programs which allowed me to make some strategic partners.they have offered advice which has helped blue earth recycling tech. to grow..

Andrew Julien

Blue Earth Recycling Technology company

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