Youth Business International

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Youth Business International helps young people to start and grow their own business and create employment. We are a global network of independent non-profit initiatives operating in over 40 countries. In 2013 YBI’s members helped 14,406 young people to start their own business, and we gave entrepreneurship training to nearly 200,000 young people.


YBI members assist under-served young entrepreneurs with a combination of training, access to capital, mentoring and other business development services. Whatever their situation, if a prospective young entrepreneur has a good idea and the business plan to make it a reality, our members will support them.

Our staff are local people who understand the unique challenges of providing tailored enterprise support in their communities.

Our members vary in size and scale depending on the community they serve. Our largest member Youth Business China employs people in 61regional offices while our smallest members, from Caribbean Islands to Himalayan Kingdoms, employ only a few expert staff.

What unites our members is the integrated package of YBI support they provide to young entrepreneurs around the world.

Volunteer mentors are crucial to the YBI approach. YBI members pair young entrepreneurs with a mentor with a complementary set of skills to help them grow their business. In many cases these relationships can last one year or more. All YBI mentors are dedicated volunteers from the local community who themselves understand the unique challenges of starting a business.

Most importantly, we represent a community of tens of thousands of young entrepreneurs, who are united by the desire to start a business and create sustainable growth in their communities.

So help us turn job seekers into job creators.

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