Become A YBTT Partner

YBTT is able to do its work because of the financial contributions and partnership of leading companies in Trinidad and Tobago and other foundations around the world. Companies see the value of contributing to YBTT since we drive youth entrepreneurship, reduce youth unemployment and thereby play a vital role in the development of the economy.

Companies should note that when they contribute to YBTT they are not just providing loan funding capital for these young entrepreneurs, because these funds are re-cycled into YBTT through entrepreneur loan repayments. Thus, contributions can be used again and again to establish other young entrepreneurs in business. This feature is unique to a charitable organisation and should be very attractive to potential donors.

Finally, as a registered charitable body, donations provided to YBTT are tax deductible through deeds of covenant. YBTT also assists donors with the preparation of deeds of covenant.
Some of the corporations which have assisted YBTT are as follows:

Ansa McAl Group BGTT
BpTT Republic Bank Limited
Scotia Bank Limited Neal and Massy Foundation
United Way Trinidad and Tobago JB Fernandes Memorial Trust II
The Inter American Development Bank Accenture
The Foundation for the Enhancement and
Enrichment of Life (FEEL)
RBC ROYAL Bank Limited
The Citi Foundation USAID
Digicel Trinidad & Tobago Chevron Trinidad and Tobago Resources SRL
The TSL Group

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