Determined to overcome the hurdles of business to ensure success along her entrepreneurial journey is Keishel Joseph-Lalite, who together with her 20-year old daughter, Zhana Joseph have been operating D’Lourie Boss at Booth #8, Arima Promenade, Hollis Avenue, Arima,  where you can find some of the finest blends of accra and pholourie and sahena and pholourie! Though the business has been in existence for the past four (4) years, Keishel realized that she needed expert advice as she was experiencing some challenges.

As she puts it “accessing finance coupled with other aspects of needs for young entrepreneurs have always been challenging and change happened when I approached YBTT seeking a mentor.”

Keishel lauded YBTT for pairing her with  Rachel Renie, Founder of Market Movers who mentored her for approximately one (1) year. According to Keishel “Rachel showed me how to diversify my business and expand it to create new revenue streams; she also shared various strategies to properly manage my cash flows and expenditure.” Keishel still maintains her connection with Rachel who is always happy to assist.

Keishel describes mentorship as a “must-have” for all entrepreneurs! She adds “the greatest benefit is that your mentor is still accessible to you even at the end of the relationship.”