Digital Marketing, digital production, mobile apps, videos, e-books and website development are just some of the main ingredients in Mikkell Khan’s entrepreneurial pot that has been in existence for the past three (3) years. “I’ve always had a passion to create both traditional and comic stories; I also saw film as a vehicle to tell stories” said Mikkel.

He believes that the creative industries need to go back to the drawing board to identify strategies that can maintain  captive and sustainable audiences.

Mikkell argues “I’ve always wanted to find, develop and nurture an audience for my products as there is where digital marketing comes into being; it’s because of my love to tell and sustain my stories that I’ve been able to continuously attract new customers.” Mikkell admits that fixing the gap starts with teaching creatives, and being able to identify your audience, research their needs and create a brand around those needs.

But Mikkell became thirsty for more knowledge to enhance his business, knocked on YBTT’s door and got a positive response. “I knew that YBTT gave loans for different projects and though I was seeking a loan, I was advised to seek mentorship first.” He had high praises for his mentor Rachel Collymore who shared a wealth of much needed information which influenced him to forego the loan.

“Rachel understood what I was trying to do because her background is also in the creatives; she brought a level of practicality to the advice and helped me to identify two to three projects which supported my initial project.” Mikkell describes Rachel as extremely invaluable as she still checks with him periodically on his progress.

Mikkell asserts that the most expensive mistake entrepreneurs make is to learn and do it all by themselves. “Mentorship is critical to attaining success faster with less stress; it’s best to learn from someone who’ve walked your path before.”

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