Blue Earth Recycling Technology | Andrew Julien

Blue Earth recycling Technology goal is to create a conscious awareness about the environment through the form of a eco-friendly revolution. The revolution is getting people to to sort there trash ,its going to start with children beginning in schools.then expand to the private and public sectors Continue reading

Francisca’s Delights | Francisca Brown-Mata

Francisca’s Delights is a tasty delight in every bite! the goal of this enterprise is to service that area of the food and pastry market that requires specialized catering. We target those clients who wish to avoid shopping around trying to find ready made items to fit their style,event,budget or taste. Continue reading


Burgess Mathematics Classes is a Trinidad-based company that offers Mathematics reinforcement lessons from the primary level to the tertiary level. The company is currently a sole proprietorship; however the business plans to change its organizational form within the next year or two. The company exists to help students, as a unique and innovative approach to teaching Mathematics is utilized. Therefore students will connect to the subject, Mathematics that they need to master. Continue reading

Bunngle Digital Services | Krs Joseph


We’re Bunngle. We are an Award Winning Creative Agency. Simply Put We Create Amazing Websites, Have A Look For Yourself at Continue reading

Ambitious Media Productions | Jabari Winchester

Ambitious Media Productions was founded by Jabari Winchester in 2011. The company will introduce the high definition (HD) visual effects in the event videography coupled with customised digital audio recording and effects and ideas to take the event videography and audio production to a different level. Continue reading